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Antiviral protective barriers to protect your customers and workforce

Be the business that customers trust

Powerful protective barrier ensures your business premises are as clean as possible

Specialist antimicrobial surface treatment protects against germs and viruses, including Covid-19

Applied using proprietary misting technique to ensure every single part of a room is treated

99.99% effectiveness against Coronavirus, Norovirus, H1N1, Mers, MRSA (superbugs), E.coli, Legionella, Salmonella, Listeria, Tuberculosis, and many more

Quick acting with no disruption to your business

Effective for 30 days without reapplication

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Never has it been more important the highest standards of hygiene are adhered to in public places.

And as a business owner, you have a duty of care to anyone who visits your premises, with an obligation to keep them safe.

Two-tier antiviral system

This is where Concept Cleaning Solutions can help, using a powerful two-tier antiviral system.

For the first problem, we have access to a range of specialist antimicrobial surface treatments that coat surfaces to protect against germs and viruses, including Coronavirus. These products:

  • Have a proven track record against a wide range of viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi
  • Have a 99.99% effectiveness against Coronavirus, Norovirus, H1N1, Mers, MRSA (superbugs), E.coli, Legionella, Salmonella, Listeria, Tuberculosis, and many more
  • Conform to global regulations and have passed EN14476, EN13697, EN1276, EN1650 and EN1500 standards, and also many more efficacy tests completed by independent labs
  • Continue to work for up to 30 days with just one application due to ammonium compound technology that permanently bonds to the surface
  • Contain positively-charged microscopic pins that attract and pierce the pathogens (germs and viruses), ensuring the areas and surfaces remain treated and preventing the development of superbugs
  • Enable routine cleaning to continue without affecting the antimicrobial activity of the surface treatment

Even better, these antiviral treatments contain no poisons or chemicals dangerous to humans, and also no alcohol.

They are also colourless, odourless, and food-safe, making them the ideal disinfectant treatment for public buildings.

Every surface treated

To make sure every surface is adequately treated, we have specialist equipment which safely and effectively treats every part of a room, no matter the size.

This specialist unit — a ‘fogging’ unit — applies the antibacterial surface treatment by way of a fine mist.

This ensures that the treatment covers every single part of every room.

Cleaning with a cloth or brush simply cannot touch every part of every surface, and leaves a high risk of infection.

Used by hospitals

That’s why so many clients use this specialist antibacterial treatment delivered by a fogging unit. These include hospitals and clinics, doctor’s surgeries, nursing and care homes.

The application process is also very quick, and so causes almost no disruption to your business, with a room usually taking no more than an hour to be treated.

Make sure you stand out

With our antibacterial treatment, you’ll be able to tell customers that all the best precautions have been taken, and the rooms fully cleaned to the highest levels.

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