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Concept Cleaning Solutions and the commitment to service and reliability

James Marks, director of Concept Cleaning Solutions, makes a personal promise to supply the highest-quality cleaning services in the South West

Concept Cleaning Solutions was born when I recognised the need for a high-quality commercial cleaner which could be trusted to carry out reliable work for businesses which needed a premium cleaning service.

Every time I spoke to business owners about their cleaning requirements I heard the same complaints about cleaning companies. The standard of cleaning wasn’t high enough. The companies weren’t reliable, and often couldn’t be trusted to turn up on the right day.

High Standards

Many of them used outdated equipment, which meant they couldn’t clean to a high standard. And many of them had no idea of how to carry out cleaning in a busy environment without disrupting the business.

After hearing these complaints and realising there was a real need for a truly professional commercial cleaning company, I formed Concept Cleaning Solutions — a company dedicated to providing reliable, high-quality cleaning to businesses which demand the best.

Top Training

Every job we carry out is done using the most up-to-date cleaning equipment available, whether it’s for cleaning windows, gutters, floors or carpets. All members of staff are trained to the highest possible standards, especially in Health and Safety legislation, and have undergone a criminal records check to give total piece of mind to every client.

We guarantee to turn up on the day and within a two-hour time slot, so you don’t have to suffer disruption or waste time waiting. And every job is fully guaranteed, in that if you’re unhappy about anything, we promise to return within five working days and put it right.

Reputation for Reliability

We know that this level of service is exactly what business owners want, because Concept Cleaning Solutions has grown by its reputation for reliability. If you’re ready to experience commercial cleaning as it should be done, take a look at our Services page, and then contact us for a cleaning quote.

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James Marks
Concept Cleaning Solutions

Who we are

James small B

James Marks | Director

With a background of 12 years in the fire service, I understand the importance of doing things right and how crucial it is not to cut corners.

I bring the same discipline to the cleaning business, especially when it comes to working within health and safety and looking after the clients’ premises.

It’s no surprise that the business has been built on its reputation for high-quality work and great customer service.

Graham small B

Graham Hichins | Director

Like James, I come from a background where discipline and attention to detail is critical, having spent 17 years in the Royal Navy.

Everything we do at Concept Cleaning Solutions is based on making sure we have the right equipment, that the equipment is kept in top condition.

On top of this, every member of staff is fully trained to use it to get the best results possible, something our reputation is built on.

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